The brainchild of brothers Lee and Shaun Fennings, Rok Soba was launched in December 2017 as a brand to inspire those on a similar path. Their decision to stop drinking in October 2014 and January 2015 respectively, has offered huge benefits, both to themselves and their family. Rok Soba centres around offering inspiration from their own experiences and that of others, to include celebrities and respected public figures, which they believe encourages and empowers anybody who has taken, or is contemplating taking, the sober lane.

Rok Soba has injected rock ‘n’ roll into sobriety with their bold branding, which they firmly believe is another mechanism to help people be proud to be dry. Their t-shirts and bespoke jewellery will be worn as a constant reminder of people’s personal achievements and strength. Everyday items such as leather key fobs and mugs will act as small but empowering reminders to help and reassure those on their own journey.

In April 2019, Rok Soba launched their first alcohol free beer called ‘Zero FEAR’, a dark and rich stout. Their motto, Face Everything And Rise, is born from the acronym F.E.A.R. They see it that you have two options…Forget Everything And Run, or Rok Soba’s choice: Face Everything And Rise.

We’re really pleased here at Beat My Addictions to be supporting Lee and Shaun with their goal to change perceptions about sobriety; making it a socially acceptable and a desirable personal choice. And to give people the option of buying and enjoying the taste of a cold beer without alcohol.

People accessing their site, will get to hear about Beat My Addictions and in that way we’re working together to give people the option of taking up our programme if they want to stop drinking altogether.

Once alcohol leaves your system and you re-programme your mind and body to no longer have a want or need for alcohol which is what we do here at Beat My Addictions – you should be able to socialise and spend time wherever you want with whomever you want without feeling deprived and without having any desire to consume alcohol yourself.

Find out more about Lee and Shaun and the creativity behind the brand design, as well as where to buy their alcohol free beer and other merchandise, by visiting the Rok Soba website.

You can also catch up with them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @roksoba




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