I recently got back from the 7 day Beat My Addictions retreat on the Isle of Wight! Best choice I’ve ever made!
I’ve done a lot of things and been to a lot of places in my life but nowhere changed me as much as this! I cannot stress enough…. If you have any form of addiction start making steps to getting yourself here and start living the life you have always wanted!!!!!! 💪🏻

(attended our 7 Day Retreat)

I can’t recommend Chris and his team enough! It really does work! I did his program a couple of years ago and successfully stopped drinking and for a while life was fantastic but slowly I allowed my old beliefs to creep back in and long story short found myself back in my old life doing the same self destructive behaviour as before!
Eventually I reached out to Chris and admitted to him and myself what had happened. There was no reproach, no judgement just friendly advice and support. I enrolled on one of his retreats in the Isle of Wight! And what an amazing experience it was.
Chris and his team are amazing and within the 7 days I came out the other side ready to start my life again with a new understanding of my self and with the tools to change my life.
Within a couple of months I had found a new job, my relationships had improved. I was now free to live the life I chose and be happy, content and fulfilled. All that can be yours too!!!
Just reach out, trust and believe in Chris, his team and his program and you too can be free and never look back!! I know I’m not!!!!!

(attended our 7 Day Retreat)

I met Chris through a close friend of mine and I can genuinely say, hand on heart, that this meeting has completely changed the direction of my life.
I attended the Isle Of White retreat after spending some time with Chris, I was struggling with the usual problems that come with drink and drugs… it was a tough week, but so worth it and I come out of there a week later completely prepared and with all the tools to remove these behaviours.
The concept is simple, but it’s expertly communicated, and really works when you put it in practice.
I’ve never looked back since and thoroughly enjoying sober life!

(attended our 7 Day Retreat)

If you have a problem with any addictive substance, drugs, alcohol, sugar; this retreat is amazing. Chris and Sara have the answers. Go and get cured, they have the answers. If I can do it, so can you. Go start your new you and live your best life.

(attended our 7 Day Retreat)

My life has completely changed since meeting Chris! I am mentally and physically stronger now and no longer at risk of cardiac arrest or stroke!! My life is no longer controlled by the constant need to be as thin as possible and the compulsion to either binge and purge (up to 50 times a day) or, the complete opposite and starve myself as a form of self-harm. After suffering for over 20 years and trying so many different types of therapy, I never thought I would get to this point as I had pretty much given up on myself. I’m finally happy and enjoying a life that’s not controlled by food. The thoughts don’t even come into my head anymore and I’m enjoying the freedom I’m getting from eating healthy food. I can’t thank Chris enough for showing me this way out. I feel like I’m no longer living in limbo and have found this whole new world to experience!


Chris has helped my boyfriend Andy finally become free of his addiction to gambling. The difference I saw in Andy after the 10-day withdrawal was incredible. He was like a new person, full of life and happiness. He would bound out of bed in the mornings instead of me having to drag him out. He was walking with a spring in his step and felt confident.


After years of suffering from an extremely traumatic childhood, numerous therapists, hypnosis and various groups of other abused victims, I turned to alcohol to numb and forget the pain. It wasn’t long before I became totally dependent on it and alcohol eventually took over my life. I couldn’t see the damage and hurt that I was inflicting on my whole family, my mum, my partner, my children and my grandchildren. My life had become even worse than before.
When I called the Beat My Addiction team I could barely speak – I was so desperate – but, I was immediately calmed by their compassionate response and now here I am six months later, free from the pain that I’d suffered for years and years and no want or need for alcohol.
I was taken through and out the other side of this deep emotional trauma and addiction – I can honestly say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Thank you so much.


This is a condition whereby the person imagines bad smells. “Before I met Chris, I was very different due to my problem of smelling bad smells. It started at school and made me paranoid. I found it hard to concentrate so I would mess around to take my mind off of it. I later dropped out of college. Then I got my dream job in the army which I loved but my condition got worse and I eventually got a medical discharge. Chris taught me about how the mind works and how we can rewire our minds by self-talk. Now I hardly get any bad smells and I don’t worry about them coming. I’ve been getting on public transport to go out with my friends and I feel like I can enjoy myself and live life again.


From my perspective Chris, you have found the missing piece of information that makes the difference between success and failure to beat an addiction. Thank you.


I had been feeling depressed and anxious for so long I couldn’t even remember when it began. I had been on and off of anti-depressants over many years. I didn’t want to take them – I didn’t like feeling “dumbed down” – but sometimes they were necessary if I couldn’t stop crying. When I contacted Chris Hill, he explained to me what was happening, so I chose to do his programme and I am so glad I did. I’d suffered for so many years believing I would have to live with myself the way I was forever and that I was broken but, none of that was true. Chris Hill’s programme has saved my life and my children and family have all benefited from the new happy me. I never thought I would ever feel this good again. Thank you so much Chris


After years of yo-yo dieting, I finally found something that I was able to work with. In this programme I was guided and educated in a way that wasn’t taught in previous diets I had been on. I am now maintaining my weight loss target because of the education I received doing this programme. It is brilliant. I have lost a total of four stone and have never felt better. I feel in control of my life and my eating habits and I no longer beat myself up about my failures in the past or why I put the weight on in the first place. Chris and his team are a force to be reckoned with. Highly recommended.


The life-change I gained from this programme is absolutely mind-blowing. I had procrastinated for over 20 years and had no idea why. I not only got to the bottom of it immediately, but I was able to physically create, what the team explained to me as, new neuro-pathways in my brain that reprogrammed my mind from the procrastination. I also used the same technique – at the same time – for the caffeine. I had been a heavy coffee drinker for many years and had wanted to stop for so long. I found it so amazing that I could use the same process at the same time for two completely different issues. Doing this programme has completely turned my life around.


I used this programme to rid myself from alcohol and cocaine which I used to binge on. I found the programme very easy to follow. I had used willpower to stop in the past and always relapsed but not anymore, not since reprogramming my mind with the help of the Beat My Addictions Team. I would say to anybody that firstly, you need to really want to stop so if you put the work in and follow the programme exactly, you will remove the want and need as I did. The mentors on this team are always on hand and very helpful. Personally, I would recommend this to anyone looking to get their life back, whatever their situation.

(Isle of Sheppy)

When I first heard about this team and their programme, I didn’t think I needed their help because I had quit smoking one year beforehand. However, unbeknown to me at the time, I had used will-power and was living in permanent withdrawal because my mind was still addicted to the nicotine. I followed Chris’ videos and then I realised that I had become depressed and anxious and unable to sleep properly because my mind still craved the nicotine. I contacted Chris and he helped me through the programme and now all of that anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, self-loathing, insecurity, etc., have all gone. I am a new person now.


I have fibromyalgia and when I started the mentoring programme I was full of doubt that I could ever give up my biscuit dunking habit. I was so wrong – my brain is now rewired! No more sugary snacks for me and this is my first year without eating birthday cake. I didn’t even miss it. It feels fantastic to be in control and not have any cravings.


I first went to Beki for help with my depression and anxiety. I was also emotionally eating. I didn’t know what the cause was but Beki helped me to locate the root of my problems and it was about being unable to feel safe to be my true self. My parents struggled to accept my true identity and I was suffering because of this. Beki helped me to deal with the fear and sadness around this until I was able to become my authentic self. I continue to go to Beki’s workshop as often as I need to and I am always given the right support.


Beki took me through the BMA programme to help me understand negative thought processes, and extreme PTSD responses, that resulted in me replaying scenarios over and over in my head. I found this technique very helpful in halting these processes.


I initially attended the group for help with smoking and overeating. What I learned there was truly mind-blowing. The information I learned was something I had never even considered or heard of before in this way. I went home and read the programme a couple of times over and started my withdrawal a few days later. I was flabbergasted at how incredible the changes within me were just from quitting smoking and stopping sugary foods. Mental clarity, inner peace, happiness and joy restored! It’s amazing and I highly recommend it.


Hi, my son is a different man! Alcohol and caffeine free! No thinking of sugar now. Thanks to you my son has his life back and for the first time in over 20 years, a future! He opened up to you which was the first time ever and because of this, I still have him! I honestly thought I was going to lose him. But not only do I have my son back, I have the best version of him! His wife has her husband and his son has his dad! And I can never thank you enough for this.

(Name Withheld)

Thanks to Chris and the Beat My Addictions team I do have my life back. It took some hard work and a few hiccups along the way but the 7 day plan worked for me.
You need to focus and be positive.


I truly thought I was doomed to a lifetime of drinking a bottle of wine a night and missing out on my kids growing up until I was recommended Chris by a friend.
Chris was so helpful and left me under the care of Beki who I can now call a friend.
They gave me all the tools and confidence to realise that I could live alcohol free and be truly truly happy!!!! I will never look back and I cannot thank them enough.


Chris Hill what can I say… This guy and his fountain of knowledge on addictions has changed my life so much, I can honestly say what this guy has taught me with his programme will stay with me forever.
Thanks to him I am now living my best life sober!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr Hill you’re a living legend 💙


I went through Chris Hill’s programme last year for severe trauma and alcohol addiction. My life was spiralling out of control and my world was a very dark and lonely place.
I had a one to one with Beki and followed the videos by Chris, and wrote pages and pages from my earliest memories to the present day. I came home a completely different person and have not looked back.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and that reflects on my family too. I can’t thank Chris and his team enough, they truly are amazing. xxx


For years I had battled with alcohol, wanting to give up for over a decade but not having the tools and tricks.
I tried the standard willpower and even went to meetings but nothing helped, I always fell back to old habits and when I did usually went worse than before.
I was told about Chris through a friend that I had seen change his life, not just kick the booze but become more focused and happy than ever!
I went on the retreat and after just a week felt like a new person out of the jail of alcohol addiction!
A life changing experience, I will be forever grateful.




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